Why imprecise language can lead to imprecise construction
The Air/Vapour Barrier Must Die
Free webinar:
The air/vapour barrier must die
July 27, 2021 - 1:00 to 2PM EST

The terms "air barrier" and "vapour barrier" are two of our industry's most frequently misunderstood concepts. To minimize misunderstanding and expensive mistakes, our industry must agree on language that communicates the precise roles and purposes of these materials. Join us for our first-ever Bibliotech Webinar as we dive into the fascinating world of air barriers and vapour barriers.
Juste Fanou has over 10 years of experience as a specifications writer and has contributed his considerable knowledge and skills to the Canadian construction community through training courses, seminars, articles, and blogs. 

Juste is a WELL AP accredited through the International Wellness Building Institute (IWBI) and a Building Science Specialist (BSS) registered with the Building Science Specialist Board (BSSB) of Canada. He is also the founder of Bibliotech and Bibliotech Academy. Juste's interests lie at the crossroads of construction techniques and technology.
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What is Bibliotech Academy?
-  Explore the consequences of using imprecise language in construction documents.
-  Learn about the history of the phrase "air/vapour barrier" and why its use might be confusing.
- Understand the difference between air leakage and vapour permeability in building assemblies.
Learning objectives:
An in-depth look at the fundamentals of air and vapour control in building assemblies
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